1. schoolyard fun. 

  2. niles - venice, ca.

  3. vlad & antonio - brooklyn. 2013.

  4. this is my good friend, brad westcott. he is a true inspiration and lives the kind of life that many of us only fantasize about.
    click here for a glimpse into his world.

  5. swampy sighting. nyc.

  6. recently shot a few photos of the interior of worn path, an awesome store owned and curated by my good buddy, niles.

  7. a few months ago, i was asked to help out on a weekend shoot for shwood sunglasses.
    while my primary role was to shoot photos, i spent some time on the other side of the lens, as well.
    good people & fun times.

  8. drained - detroit lake, or.

  9. rodeo drive. beverly hills, ca.

  10. venice beach, ca.

  11. painted skateboard decks are a dime a dozen, but i had to take a photo of this awesome watercolor gonz portrait
    by my good buddy, kevin willrick.

  12. sometimes you just have to pull off the road and hike out into the woods.

  13. passport photo outtake.